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Feet n Motion Christchurch Podiatrist Nick Haley

Nick Haley- Principal Podiatrist

I first became interested in Podiatry, when as a 13 yr old my parents took me to a Podiatrist, because I was unable to play sport without twisting my ankle. Now as you can imagine as a boy at an all boys boarding school, not being able to play sport was not the thing to do. The Podiatrist looked at my feet and made me some orthotics, these things were amazing they gave me the confidence to get back into running and playing rugby. I then went on to play age group representative rugby for Canterbury and Wellington. Even today I still use orthotics every time I do any  physical activity.

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Feet N Motion Christchurch Podiatrist Prue Molyneux

Prue Molyneux- Podiatrist

Podiatry has always been an area of interest to me. Having a strong passion for sport and health I aim to combine the two. From a young age I was heavily involved in a wide variety of sports, which inevitably led to a number of injuries, consisting of achilles, knee and back pain. I was referred to numerous health professionals for bone scans and treatments.

I saw my first podiatrist at age 11, who now happens to be my boss! He must have had a lasting impression!! I have progressed from prefabricated to custom made orthotics and still wear them today while undertaking physical activity.

This intervention has alleviated my pain and has enabled me to exercise at my desired frequency and intensity.

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Feet n Motion Christchurch Podiatrist Rachael McBrydie

Rachael McBrydie- Podiatrist

I am not sure that I even knew what a podiatrist actually was before my GP referred me to one. I was about 24 and had a sore foot from an initial squash injury that hadn’t resolved after a year of various treatments. It was seriously impacting on my life, limiting the amount of training I could do for rowing and tramping was painful on my foot too. My GP finally sent me to a podiatrist and she made me a pair of orthotics which resolved my arch pain within 2 weeks and I could fully participate in all the sport I had previously enjoyed. I thought this woman had the most amazing job. Fixing feet and helping people get back to what they love seemed like such an important and skillful job. I continued on my existing career in accounting but I kept thinking about what a great profession podiatry was.

After coming back to NZ after my OE I thought it’s now or never and retrained as a podiatrist and have never looked back. I love my job.

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Feet n Motion CHristchurch Practice Manager Cath Ryan

Cath Ryan- Practice Manager

More Info to come

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